Aug 18, 2014

Be wary of internet Realtor ratings

Looking for a Realtor?

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding someone capable and competent. Recommendations from real people are always better than paid advertisements.

But how do you know if the reviews you are reading are from actual consumers or if they were professionally created and paid for to make the agent look good? I get calls and emails every week soliciting my checkbook to help enhance my online image. Lots of folks want to either help get me on the first page of Google, improve my standing on Yelp, find clients from Zillow, ... the list goes on.

Most of them amount to paying for positive reviews on sites that supposedly rank and rate agents. That's where we have a problem.

So how do you know which sites can you trust for honest Realtor ratings? The only really legitimate forums are the ones that agents can't buy their way onto a list or pay for good reviews. To find a recommended agent in Dallas, try:
  • Angie's List
  • D Magazine's list of Best Realtors
  • Texas Monthly Magazine's 5 star agents
  • LinkedIn 
These publications poll actual buyers and sellers and don't require agents to purchase advertising to be recommended. And an agent can't purchase a spot on to the list. Likewise, they don't allow just anyone to post negative information about an agent without checking them out to ensure accuracy.

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