Aug 22, 2014

10 Things Realtors love to hate

Selling homes can be a tough and competitive business.

Sometimes we have to take a step back, find the humor, and look at the fun and challenging situations that only a Realtor truly understands.
  1. I could make an expert burglar after all the homes I've broken into.
  2. It's great picking your own working hours - except that your clients dictate most of them. And they happen to be weekends and evenings.
  3. Selling homes is a good way to get rich slowly.
  4. One man's junk is another man's treasure? Not really - sometimes it's just junk.
  5. Short sales are not short. They should be called Stress sales.
  6. Why is it the folks who really want granite counter tops don't actually cook?
  7. Half of the visitors to your open house are just looking for decorating ideas - but they won't admit it.
  8. We're able to leap over a garage door sensor in a single bound.
  9. Paying quarterly taxes stinks. But at least it means you made money.
  10. Never open a closed door unannounced. Unless you want a dog bite or to be flashed by someone.
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