Jul 28, 2014

8 Home Buyer Final Walk Through Tips

Before signing the final papers to purchase a home, every buyer should do a final walk through of the property. The purpose of this walk through is to ensure the house is in the same condition it was at the time you put it under contract.

Ideally, you'll want to do this the day before you sign the closing papers and fund the purchase. Hopefully the property will be vacant and easy to view.

Here's what to check for on this final visit before purchasing:
  1. Have all agreed upon repairs been completed to your satisfaction?
  2. Are all appliances, window treatments, fixtures, remote controls, etc. that are to remain with the property still there?
  3. Check that floors and walls that were previously covered by furnishes are damage free.
  4. Flush toilets and turn on faucets, checking for leaks, etc.
  5. If we've had recent storms, check the exterior for damage.
  6. Ensure the heating/ac is working.
  7. Has all of the seller's property been removed (including the attic and garage)?
  8. Ensure the transfer of utilities are finalized and that the seller isn't holding that up.
The final walk through is not the time for your home inspection. That should already have been done. You are simply checking to ensure no damage has occurred prior to closing and that everything is in order. If there are any questions or issues, this is the time to get them resolved.
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