Jun 23, 2014

Lydia's North Dallas bathroom remodel

The face lift for the main bathroom of my small townhome is finally finished. And it's a beauty. What was once a cramped and aging little space is now fresh and sparkling. The biggest change came by taking a 5 x 3 foot bedroom closet that was located behind the tub. Since the townhome already has plenty of closet space, I needed the square footage more in the bathroom. So the closet and existing tub spaces became a wet area combining both tub and shower. And it feels so, so spacious.

This bathroom doesn't have a window and I wanted it to feel larger and brighter. So I took out the fur down and tiled all the way to the ceiling in the wet shower/tub area. The new cabinet over the toilet goes all the way to the ceiling as does the mirror over the vanity. The glass shower door and sparkling fixtures give it the light and reflection it needed.

Every inch is important in a small space, so I inset shelving between the studs in a wall. I need to declutter, but for now, this is valuable storage space.

Tiles are a combination of white subway tiles and gray penny tiles. The round tile design is repeated in the shower insets. Round glass knobs and round light fixtures keep the look cohesive and add a little more shimmer. The only real pattern is the tile on the floor. By keeping the entire room neutral, I can add color with towels and other accents. If I get bored of the look, it's easy to change the accent pieces.

The big floor to ceiling mirror wasn't part of the original plan. But on the other side of that wall is the same kind of shower inset in my other bathroom. I was afraid of someone ever putting a nail in that wall and poking it through the tile on the other side. So a mirror seemed like the perfect way to prevent that. Plus, it makes the room feel larger and I could use a full length mirror. 

bathroom before
Did I mention that this was done on a budget? The existing tub, toilet and faucet remained but everything else is new. Cabinets, tile, hardware, counters, etc. came from wholesale, internet, oversupply and builder discount stores.

Total spent was between $5,000 - $7,500. As a Realtor, I get to see a lot of really nice bathrooms. Hopefully, this redo made mine look like one of them.
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