Jun 29, 2014

3 phrases that will kill your home listing

Real Estate marketing is full of catchy sayings or clever phrases that we're all familiar with. Some are enticing like "sparkling pool" or "lush landscaping" (as opposed to murky pool or parched yard). Other expressions are a bit odd like "hand laid tiles" (you kind of have to use your hands to put down tile).

But some real estate phrases actually hinder your ability to sell your property. Here are the three worst offenders when it comes to marketing a home for sale.
  1. No showings between/until/after ... Any remarks that tell agents or buyers that you don't want to be inconvenienced to sell your property sets a negative tone. A lot of folks come to town to see a dozen or so homes and need to make a decision on which one to buy within a couple of days. If you can't accommodate their schedule, they'll go to the next house instead of yours. The only exception to this rule should be if you have an infant that naps in the afternoon and you limit showings during a 2 hour period.
  2. Priced to sell / won't last long. Everything is priced to sell. If it's a great price, we'll know it and don't need to read this 60 days after it went on the market. Show us the value instead of wasting the words.
  3. Owner present for all showings. Want to send buyers running from your home faster than the smell of fresh cat urine and mothballs? Just have the owner present to make the buyers feel as awkward as possible when they visit the house. When the seller is present, buyers will tip toe around the property, feeling like an uninvited guest in a stranger’s home. They'll leave before really getting a good look at the house.
If your house is for sale, please ensure these unwelcome phrases aren't hindering your marketing efforts.
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