May 23, 2014

Is it easier for a celebrity to sell their home?

Seems like every week we hear about a movie star or TV celebrity who is parting with their big, beautiful mansion or water front villa. Ever wonder if they go through the same efforts and hurdles that average folk do?

Celebrities have challenges in selling their homes just like everyone else. Many famous folks own big, high-end or unique homes and those typically take longer to sell. Any property with a huge price tag is a challenge to sell because the pool of qualified buyers is smaller.

Here is where it helps to be famous. The publicity that comes with a celebrity home helps give the property exposure to a larger audience and thus can speed up the sale. I've found that a celebrity property will typically sell faster than other homes in the same price range.

But while the process might be a bit shorter, a celebrity name doesn't add to the value. Some people enjoy the distinction that comes from living in a celebrity home, but they won't pay more for it. The famous live by the same laws of supply and demand as the rest of us.
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