Dec 13, 2013

Why your Dallas Realtor needs to Network

In today's fast paced Dallas real estate market, buyers and sellers need every advantage to help find a great home and to help sell at the best terms.

As we watch this fall's real estate statistics, it's important to note the large number of sales taking place in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow that are outside of the MLS system and therefore not recorded in the typical sales statistics. In some neighborhoods, the number of sales outside of MLS this year are climbing higher than 30% of all sales. That's pretty significant.

So how are so many of these deals happening? They aren't from 'for-sale-by-owner' sales. They're coming from agent-to-agent contacts. Active agents network with each other to find homes for sale and to find buyers for a property before it even hits the market.

I'm a member of Pacesetters, a select group of 30 Dallas Realtors from 10 brokerages. We meet regularly to share information about listings, buyer and seller needs, and changing market conditions. It's a true marketing network made up of experienced and motivated professionals who understand that relationships make a difference in North Dallas real estate. [where: 75230]

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