Aug 11, 2013

Listen to the Feedback

Dear Mr. or Ms. Home Seller,

I see that your home is for sale. You want to move and are doing your part to make that happen. That's great.

Hopefully potential buyers are viewing it online and you are getting showings. You are getting showings right? I don't mean people coming through an open house, but real potential buyers who are going to the trouble to schedule an appointment and come see it in person with their real estate agent.

How is the feedback? What are those buyers (and buyer's agents) saying about your property? Do the comments have a common theme? Listen to them. If everyone hates the carpet, then that's your deal breaker. If the rooms are too small or the street is too noisy, then you need to compensate for that.

The most common negative feedback from potential buyers is typically that the home needs too much work. What they mean is that AT THIS PRICE, the home needs too many repairs or too much updating for them to consider it. There is a price point for every expectation. Buyers expect different things at different price points.

The 3 most important factors for most buyers are:
•location ( you can't change that)
•price ( the seller controls that)
•condition ( seller controls that too).

Listen to the feedback from those buyers and you can adjust the important factors to get it sold and move on with your future.

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