Feb 12, 2013

Behind the Pink Wall in Dallas

The famous Pink Wall in Preston Hollow is coming down!
But don't panic, it looks like it is just being replaced. Hopefully with an identical pink wall.

If you've ever talked real estate in Preston Hollow, you know what "behind the pink wall" means. The famous pink wall was named by Ebby Halliday and it is just that - a pinkish brick wall that runs along Northwest Highway. The area know as "behind the pink wall" is north of Northwest Highway and just east of Preston Road. It consists of two high rises ( the Athena and Preston Towers), a couple of mid rises and several condo complexes from the 1950s and 60s.

Most of these older condos have large rooms, spacious closets and tiny kitchens - with a servant's entrance, of course. For a long time they attracted Park Cities and Preston Hollow retirees looking to downsize. Some referred to them as the last stop before the Sparkman Hillcrest cemetery down the street. It was also known as a haven for new divorcees. Today the residents still include many senior citizens but a good share of singles, newlyweds, investors and second-home owners as well.
This charming neighborhood includes the streets Averill Way and La Bandera lined with huge trees and condominiums with old Hollywood glamorous names from like La Fontaine and The Seville. Imagine sipping a martini by the pool, in your metal shell-backed lawn chair, ashtray on the table, with your pin-up girl swimsuit and floppy hat, while listening to Frank Sinatra.

That's behind the pink wall.
 [where: 75230]

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