Jan 21, 2013

Sunday Open House = Sales

Just a few years ago, I avoided holding open houses as much as possible. At the time, most visitors to these Sunday events were "lookie-loos" - folks getting decorating ideas, noisy neighbors, people with time on their hands, ... and just general tire-kickers. Most agents held a home open in hopes of picking up new clients from the potential buyers walking in the door. For a seller, an open house was usually a waste of time.

Not so today. More and more buyers - real buyers - are spending their Sunday afternoons visiting open houses. They shop on-line for potential properties and then visit open houses when they are ready to start looking in earnest. I've seen the traffic at open houses more than double in the past couple of years. And the people coming in the door are serious about buying a home. Several of my sales in the past few months have been to folks who viewed the property at an open house.

Often 'hip pocket' properties that are not in MLS can be viewed at a Sunday open house. Check out 6340 Brookshire Drive, 6622 Norway Road and 5847 Saint Marks Circle this Sunday. [where: 75230]

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