Nov 7, 2012

Dallas Real Estate Growth & Stability

The national real estate market is improving every day and the Dallas market is leading the way.

RealtyTrac, a firm that tracks foreclosures nationwide, just reported that new foreclosures declined 7% in September.

And, more recently, CNN Money reported that Barclays Capital has forecast that home prices could be back to the peak levels of 2007 as soon as 2015. Barclays also predicts new home construction "will grow by at least 20% a year for the next two years."

Closer to home, North Texas MLS data reflects a 20% increase in closed sales volume for September 2012 over September 2011.

And, at the Ebby Halliday Companies, sales volume in October was up an astounding 36% over 2011, setting an all-time record for the month of October and marking ten straight months of sales increases when compared to the previous year.

That's real growth, and a strong indication of increasing stability and improvement in the local real estate market for 2013 and beyond.
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