Nov 12, 2012

Big Changes at North Haven Gardens

North Haven Gardens currently occupies a 9.5 acre tract of land nestled between Northaven Road, the Jewish Community Center and the new Northaven Trail. The popular nursery and garden shophas been at this location for 61 years and has a strong and loyal following of gardening, bird, backyard chicken and nature enthusiasts.

Owners Lillian and Jon Pinkus have just proposed creating a Planned Development District on the site. While it appears they plan to keep or even expand the current nursery and shop, they've applied to have their zoning changed to include a residential development for small lot homes and retirement housing.

The prime location would certainly appeal to folks who like to the use the new trail or facilities at the JCC. The property also includes access to Royal Lane via Freda Stern Drive and borders several single family homes. A hearing for the zoning change request is scheduled for January 10th.
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