Oct 3, 2012

New Homes in Preston Hollow still scarce

Demand for homes remains strong while inventory remains low in Preston Hollow. The most striking example is in the new home market. There are currently 17 new homes for sale in the area. That includes homes in various stages of completion, from breaking ground to move-in ready. A year ago there were 26 new homes for sale.
 Take a look at this new home that just went on the market. It is one of the most beautiful and functional properties in Preston Hollow.

[where: 75230]


Barren @ Midtown condominiums said...

This one is really amazing and a great idea so as to re-design your home.

Barren @ New York housing for students and interns said...

To find such apartments is just an incredible, well the interiors of these are just brilliant much like a luxurious star hotels.