Oct 22, 2012

Are you a realistic buyer and seller?

Lots of folks selling their home are also in the process of buying another. Why is it so many people expect to get top dollar on the selling end but expect a bargain on the buying end?

I've been one of those people. So I get it. Many sellers feel like their current home in is 'perfect' condition and only see the positive attributes through rose colored glasses. But when it comes to buying, they get super picky and imagine every imperfection will cost double the amount to correct.

Here is the reality: Right now, homes listed with a reputable Realtor are likely priced in accordance with current comparable sales. The house you want to buy could even be underpriced. Listen to your agent and make your offer based on current market value. With inventory low in North Dallas, don't go shopping for homes listed for $1,250,000 and expect to pay under $1 million. Yes, there are people actually doing that right now in this seller's market. [where: 75230]

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