Sep 12, 2012

Strong Home Sales continue in North Texas

Home sales and prices were strong through the summer of 2012 and look to be holding into the fall as well. Steve Brown of the Dallas Morning News has been reporting the good news along with fall predictions from real estate experts.

Autumn is typically a slow time for real estate sales as you can see from this 5 year graph. However, this year continues to show the recovery in North Texas. [where: 75230]


Sarah Reed said...

Great to see home sales strong in the Northern Texas area. I do residential window tinting in Frisco TX, and I feel as though I've seen a rise in new homeowners in the area over the past 12-18 months. It's definitely a great sign for the real estate market.

Brandon Jennings said...

Very interesting, glad to see that home sales are up in the area. I'm a roofing contractor in Kittery Maine, and we've done quite a bit of contracting on a national level throughout the years. We did quite a few jobs in the North Dallas area about 5-10 years ago... I'm sure things have changed quite a bit!

Brendan Hayman said...

Nice that you guys are seeing great home sale numbers in the area. As a Waltham roofing contractor we too are seeing some strong sales numbers. A lot of new homeowners which means high demand for our residential roofing service.

Jackie O'Brien said...

Great to see that you guys are seeing large sales numbers in the area. We are seeing strong Wellesley real estate sales as well in our area. It's looking like the real estate market is rebounding nicely.

- Jackie