Sep 21, 2012

Real Estate Update: Dallas vs the Nation

Here is a small look at the latest housing market update that shows how Dallas and Texas are leading the housing recovery.

Existing Home Sales were up 7.8%

Dallas- Ft. Worth:
Home Sales were up 16% over same period last year.

DFW area sales have been higher for 11 straight months.

There is currently a 5 month supply of homes for sale in the Metroplex ( for details on what that means read THIS POST about supply and home inventory).

In Dallas - Ft. Worth overall prices are up 9%.

Hottest areas:
Sales up 54% in Frisco
Sales up 41% in Allen


Unknown said...

One of the risks with real estate is that the value will not rise and might even decrease.

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David M said...

Very true that sales in Dallas Fort-Worth are definitely up in recent months. I'm a local resident and make my living from doing window tinting in Fort Worth, and in my job I have come to understand the Fort Worth community very well. Definitely appears to be an increase in home sales and the real estate market.

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