Sep 3, 2012

6 Crutial tips when selling your home

So your home is for sale and you've done everything I usually tell you to do to get it sold:
  • - chosen a great agent
  • - priced it right
  • - staged it to appeal to the most number of buyers

Now you're waiting for buyers but they don't seem to be coming? Here are my 6 tips ensure your property is being marketed correctly:
  1. How does it look on the internet? Are there lots of photos? Is it on lots of web sites? It should be.
  2. Are you making it easy for buyers and their agents to see your property? It should be registered with the local showing service and you should respond quickly to allow showing requests. Keep the restrictions minimal regarding how much notice you need and showing hours.
  3. Do buyers and their agents have easy access? Your property should be on a keybox and doors should be easy to operate.
  4. How many showings are you getting? The higher priced the house, the fewer people will likely see it just because the pool of potential buyers is smaller. However, you should be getting at least a few showings per month at any price.
  5. Think like a buyer. Try the 2 most popular search engines for Dallas real estate: and . Take a look at the homes in your neighborhood that are similarly sized and priced. How do you compare?
  6. Find out which homes are actually selling in your neighborhood. What do they have that you don't? Are the master bedrooms down stairs and yours is up? Are the lots the same size as yours? How about the style or architecture of your home? The more unique your property, the longer it usually takes to sell.
If your property is marketed well, it is what buyers want and the price is right - you should be getting offers in today's market. [where: 75230]


Ofelia Bertrand said...

“Think like a buyer.” -- That was right. If you believe you’ve followed the steps but find very little results trickling in, it’s time to think. By putting yourself in the ‘buyer mode,’ you can rediscover your own buyer’s insights. It’s a fact that preferences vary in every person. By doing this, you’ll be able hit those people who are more like you, which I think would make the transaction easier.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I am visited your blog because it is really helping on us. My uncle is selling his house and he didn't now what to do on his property. Thanks for sharing this information I really appreciate it.