Aug 25, 2012

Update your home before selling?

Whether you should update your home before selling depends on several factors - but the general answer is yes. Of homes that have sold, 88% of them are updated and in good or excellent condition according to the 2012 KW Market study. Most people want a move-in-ready house.

The most common updates are painting, flooring and lighting. But remember there is a difference between updating and repairing. Updates improve the aesthetics and make the house feel fresh. Repairs improve the overall condition of the property. While buyers like updates, buyers expect repairs. If a home has not been properly maintained and needs repairs, expect low offers ( if any).

Present buyers with an updated house in excellent condition at the right price and they will buy it. [where: 75230]


Sandy Goldmann said...

Great article. I'm a residential window tinting professional in Garland Texas, and I work with a lot of homeowners who look to sell their homes. It's always a great idea to take care of any repairs and make sure you're using attractive lighting to highlight your rooms.

Susan Marjwood said...

I'm a Gorham Maine roofing contractor, and in my experience with residents it's always better to try and update your home and handle repairs before trying to sell a home. This means repairing and cleaning your roof, gutters, siding, landscaping, and more. Going the extra mile always helps the selling process move faster, and can add value to your home.

Sarah Anderson said...

Paint, paint, paint! That's what I tell every homeowner that I work with here in the Greater Boston area. I own a professional painting company here in the area, and one of the most important things you can do when trying to update your home before selling is refresh your interior and exterior with a coat of high-quality paint. This adds tremendous value to your home and also helps facilitate a sale. Just my two cents!