Jul 6, 2012

My Condo Remodel

condo before
With 3 children in college, it made sense to buy a condo in Austin where we'll be sending tuition checks for a few more years. So the lucky one in law school just got a nice little place located one a block from campus.

condo after
With the help of the Austin Decorating Center, we just finished a complete remodel of this condo. Everything from light switches to the entire bathroom was updated. Here are the 'before and after photos'.

condo after
Yes, that's a real longhorn with 7 ft horns on the wall.
The dark living room before.
The living room after the remodel.
Kitchen before
Kitchen after
The ugly plastic bathtub before.
The pretty tile walk-in shower now.

My Austin real estate agent Jacquelyn Noack with Amelia Bullock Realtors did an excellent job of helping me get a great deal on this unit. I enjoyed this so much, that I kind of want to do it again.


Malibutobeverlyhills said...

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condo philippines said...

What a great space. So casual and relaxed! Great remodeling your condo. Lovely floors too. :)


Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Your condo makeover is beautifully done! :) Everything seems to appear regal in the after-photos. I personally love your bathroom makeover! The tile walk-in shower looks so classy and convenient. :)

Condos Singapore said...

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Jasmine V said...

Absolutely love your makeover! Getting rid of the carpet was a great move. Makes the space look much bigger.

Jasmine V | Belgravia Group