Jun 8, 2012

The Ultimate Home Luxury

The ultimate home luxury isn't heated flower beds, an air conditioned garage or a stocked wine cellar. In my book, the most desirable luxury is time.

If money were no object, most of us would want a fabulous home without all the time it takes to manage it. In addition to the normal upkeep, luxury properties need cleaning, landscapers, pool maintenance, etc. They take a lot of time and attention.

In steps the ultimate home luxury - a house manager. My friend Laurence Alden is the premier house manager in Dallas. He is like a modern day butler, but even better. As a homeowner, I'd love to never worry about changing an air filter or even a light bulb.

Laurence purposely limits his client list and they include professional athletes, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, etc. His company Hometime Services monitors the homes of his clients when they are out of town and basically takes care of all maintenance. His service includes a monthly check of all the house systems and he is on call for his clients 24/7. Basically, Hometime helps them live a worry-free life.

If I ever win the lottery, he will be my guy. Of course, if you have a really big estate, you need a full-time personal house manager (or Major Domo) who runs the place. Like a butler or social secretary, they oversee the household staff (maid, landscaper, chef, etc), take care of all home maintenance, maintain house supplies, assist with events in the home, handle security, auto maintenance, pets, etc.

Or maybe I'd just get a townhouse and let Laurence take care if it.


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