Jun 26, 2012

Hockaday request for expansion

The Hockaday School on Forest Lane has filed a zoning request to allow for a mega expansion on their campus. And I do mean Mega.

The all-girl school encompasses 88 acres of prime Dallas real estate that runs along Forest Lane all the way from Welch to Inwood. The school has a long and distinguished history of educating future leaders.

The proposal is for:
  1.  expansion of the Fine Arts wing of the campus,
  2. addition of a tall architectural "fly tower",
  3. addition of a new entrance off of Forest Lane,
  4.  new athletic fields with lighting,
  5. new Child Development Center,
  6. new Tennis Center building and courts,
  7. expanded track,
  8. adding/ reconfiguring parking,
  9. adding bleachers to the track and playing fields, and
  10. additions to the:
  •  dormitories,
  • Field House,
  • Dining Hall, and
  • Administration Building.
Wow! Stay tuned for neighborhood reaction to the requests. Now is when we find out if they've played nicely with the neighbors. [where: 75230]

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