Jun 30, 2012

Getting a Dallas Home Inspection

Never buy a house without a home inspection. The only exceptions are if you plan to tear it down or if you want to buy a money pit. A good home inspection can save you from a lot of future headaches. And it helps you know what you are really buying.

When I'm representing a buyer, I recommend the most thorough, detailed inspectors in the area. In Dallas, home inspectors are licensed by the state. They charge anywhere from $300 to $900 based on the home's size, age, and type of foundation. But like real estate agents, not all home inspectors are the same. And the good ones are worth every dime.

I have a few favorite home inspectors. Two of them are:
As a buyer, you want a detailed inspector who will educate you about the property. But you don't want someone who will scare you unneccessarily. No home is perfect. Even the most well-constructed, brand-new home has something that can be found wrong - or at least has the potential to become wrong.

The "Big 3" conditions that buyers worry about the most - because they are so costly to repair - are foundation, roof and heating/ac system. However there are plenty of other items that the average person can't tell if they are working properly. Everything from hot water heaters to electrical panels need to be inspected by a professional.

An inspector will crawl around the attic, run tests on all the systems, and basicaly test things that you don't even think about when you're buying a home. But don't you want to know if the oven runs 50 degrees too hot or if the sprinkler system has an underground leak? [where: 75230]


jone said...

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Ida Prouty said...

Home inspections should be done by professionals. You may save a few dollars by not hiring professionals, but if there are hidden defects, that would cost you more.

Adam Meyers said...

I agree with Ida. When you're going to get home inspection get a professional one. No money is going to be waste.

Kenneth Levi said...

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