May 25, 2012

Laundry Drop Idea

Here is a great idea from someone who sees a lot of homes.

It's a laundry chute that goes from a first floor bathroom in to the laundry room. Most people think of a laundry chute as going from the second floor to the first ( like it does in my home). But it is actually easier just to install it in a wall that connects to the laundry room.

This photo is of the bathroom side and on the laundry room side, it could drop into a cabinet or to a basket on the floor. In this home, the walking distance from the bathroom is through the bedroom, then through the den, then through the kitchen in to the laundry room. This sure saves a lot of steps and it could encourage everyone to follow my house rule - If it isn't in the laundry chute, it doesn't get washed.
[where: 75230]

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