Apr 11, 2012

Year to Date Home Sales Statistics

March 2012 home sales numbers are in from the North Texas Real Estate Information Services (NTREIS). I'm sorry to say I told you so, but ... actually I'm not. The number of sales are up significantly. Yeah!
But the prices slow to come back -just like I've been telling you. Inventory is down and demand is up as you can see reflected in the average days on market for our area.

Here is a closer look at the statistics for March 2012 across North Dallas (compared to March of 2011):

North Dallas (south of LBJ, between Midway & Central):
Number of Sales: 138 (up 27% from this time in 2011)
Average Sales Price: $675.643 (down 15% from 2011)
Average Days on Market: 109 ( down 23%)

Park Cities:
Number of Sales: 180 (up 30% from 2011)
Average Sales Price: $1,051,933 (up 2% )
Average Days on Market: 92 (down 16%)

Northeast Dallas (east of Central):
Number of Sales: 126 (up 25% from 2011)
Average Sales Price: $262,672 (up 8%)
Average Days on Market: 71 (down 9%)

Northwest Dallas (west of Midway):
Number of Sales: 126 (up 59% from 2011)
Average Sales Price: $220,692 (up 8%)
Average Days on Market: 86 (down 14%)

Far North Dallas (north of LBJ to Plano, Central to Marsh):
Number of Sales:204 (up 25% from 2011)
Average Sales Price: $316,961 ( up 6%)
Average Days on Market: 87 (down 6% )
[where: 75230]

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