Apr 9, 2012

To Keep or Not To Keep the Swimming Pool

When I ask clients what they are looking for in a house, one of the primary questions is "Pool or no pool?". Most people either really want one or really don't. There aren't too many in between.

But what happens when that pool you once wanted becomes more of a liability than an asset? That is what finally happened at the Player house. The cost to repair our leaking 25+ year old pool, pumps, filter, skimmers, etc. far exceeded the cost to fill it in. Repair estimates were over $15,000 and we had not even addressed the cracked and uneven decking.

If we used the pool regularly it might have been worth the hassle of repairing plus the weekly upkeep. But now that the kids are grown, it hasn't seen much use. It had become a swampy money pit. Scraping it was the best solution.
Filling in a pool can be expensive and messy. The cost in Dallas varies depending on both the size of the pool and the access. It also varies depending on if you break the pool up and bury most of it prior to filling in dirt or if you haul every piece of it away. There is a process. You can't just throw dirt in it or you'll end up with a big mud pit and even more problems. If you don't have easy access via the alley, plan to spend more.
We spent about $6,800 to fill in our large pool. The cost can run higher. Keep in mind you may have to take down some fencing, disconnect electrical and plumbing, and reroute sprinklers. Plan to repair some landscaping and then add a lawn.
From a Dallas resale point of view, a pool does not add value to your property. For as many homebuyers that want a pool, there are an equal number who don't want a pool. If you like a pool, then keep it in good condition, plan to spend some money on it and enjoy it. But when the cost to repair it out weighs the cost to get rid of it - call in the jackhammers and bulldozers.
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