Apr 16, 2012

Best Dallas Home Warranty Company

Home Warranty Companies offer protection plans that cover systems (like plumbing, electrical, heat and ac) and appliances ( like refrigerator, dishwasher, ovens) in your home. They can be purchased at the time you buy your home and, in Dallas, they are often paid for by the seller. Typically a home warranty policy ranges from $400 to $1,200 depending on the size of your home and what options you choose.

The advantage to a home warranty is peace of mind. When your oven breaks or air conditioning conks out, just call your home warranty company and they will send out a technician to repair it. You pay the deductible (usually about $60). And they will replace equipment that can't be repaired. They can save you a lot of money and headaches.

I've been a fan of American Home Shield for years and have used them personally on my homes for the past 24 years. But not so much any more. They've raised my deductible to $75 a visit and they continually raise my renewal rate. They've rejected my recent air conditioning repair because the unit is too old (like I would need their warranty if it was new?). Even though I live in a 1930s home, it doesn't make financial sense to keep paying them more than $750 a year for minimal coverage.

Nations Home Warranty is now my favorite home warranty company for Dallas properties. Nations is a small, yet very reputable business and they are based in Dallas. While no home warranty company is perfect, they come close. And my clients are happy with them. Their coverage and customer service out performs their competitors.

Let me add, that all home warranty companies offer limited coverage. No company covers everything in every inch of your pre-owned home. Some plans don't cover certain items such as pre-existing conditions, required updates, maintenance issues like rust, etc. They only cover items due to 'normal wear and tear' and that were in previously good operating condition. Read the fine print. While your homeowner's insurance is designed to cover disasters like fires or tornadoes, your home warranty is designed to cover breakdowns.

Why get a home warranty? When you purchase a pre-owned home you may be using it differently than the previous owners. Running the dishwasher more often, flushing different toilets, etc. If something breaks down, it makes it easier to deal with.  [where: 75230]


Garage Door Repair Brooklyn said...

I just want to ask how to avail on their warranty program.

Lydia Player , Ebby Hallliday Realtors said...

In order to get a home warranty policy like this , you must purchase it at the time you purchase your home.

AMT Warranty Corp said...

Extended warranty on products is really a plus point for all the customers. The more expensive a product is, the more tempting it is to buy an extended warranty, sometimes called a service contract. It’s like buying insurance for your purchase. Thanks for sharing this post.

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