Mar 12, 2012

Favorite Dallas Roofer

Good, dependable and honest home service providers are a valuable asset for any Realtor whose clients need a recommendation. Lucky for you, I share the names of companies that do a great job for my clients. And I don't get paid or get benefits from recommending a company.

In order for me to use and recommend a company, they must first meet 3 basic criteria.

  1. They must know what their doing and be good at it.
  2. They have to show up when they say they'll show up, and
  3. I must to be able to afford them.
If they don't meet all 3 criteria, I don't even think of using them.

For roofing, I like Rich Frazier with Frazier Roofing & Guttering. Their number is 817-277-3131 and their web site is

When you contact a home repair company, let them know if your agent recommended them. Many know that in order to keep getting referrals from me, they need to keep my clients happy. And they do.


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