Feb 29, 2012

North Dallas BYOB Restaurants

Want to bring your own wine to a restaurant in our area?
Then raise your glass, because several great neighborhood restaurants allow and encourage you to bring your own bottle of wine.

A few charge a nominal corking fee, which seems well worth it.

  • Mimi's Pizzeria on Northwest Highway west of Hillcrest
  • Citrus Bistro on Royal Ln between Preston & the Tollway
  • Taco Taco at the Southwest corner of Preston Royal
  • Chocolate Angel on the Northwest side of Preston Forest
  • Cafe Greek at Preston and LBJ
  • Opa Grille at Preston and LBJ
  • Eden on Lovers Lane west of Inwood
Maybe you're cheap frugal or perhaps you just want to enjoy a particular wine that isn't readily available in area restaurants. Whatever the reason, grab your bottle and head over to one of these local favorites.

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