Jan 27, 2012

Would you show a buyer this property?

You're an agent working with a very qualified buyer for a lakefront home priced over $750,000. There are so many nice options available to show your clients that you have to narrow the choices. Based on the photos, would this be a property you'd show your clients?

This property has been on and off the market over the past 2 years and has been reduced more than 30% from the original asking price. It has lots going for it and could be a possibility. However, I can't get past the confederate flags.
After I gently pointed out the the images might offend my potential buyers of this property, the listing agent suggested that this home probably wasn't for us. Really? You want to discourage a ready, willing and able buyer from seeing your property? Not to mention this agent who now won't be showing your property? Obviously every seller has their priorities.


Alastairvagle said...

This property or home has been on and off the industry over the last 2 decades. It has plenty going for it and could be a probability.

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