Jan 15, 2012

Why haven't we gotten an offer?

The most common question a seller asks their agent is "Why haven't we gotten any offers? Even a low offer." The short answer is because no one likes it enough to buy it. Which means no one likes it at this price and in this condition enough to buy it.

Most people just aren't comfortable making really low offers. It's like calling someones baby ugly. A handful of people are okay with it, but most feel too uncomfortable to do it.

Look at how many showings you've had on your property. People won't buy it until they've seen it. If you've been on the market 3 months with only 3 or 4 showings, then something is wrong.

Buyers talk with their wallet. If they haven't made you an offer it is either because of LOCATION, PRICE or CONDITION. Those are the 3 items that determine if a house sells. Since you can't change the location, then you need to look at the price and condition. Change one or both those and get people through your property. Then you'll get your offer.
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Always people buy house under three conditions like Price,Locations,Conditions On this three items sell home.

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