Jan 31, 2012

There is picky and then there is too picky

Too many people look for a new home only to get so picky that they end up doing nothing. They live in homes that they don't like while they spend years waiting and planning for the 'some day' when they will find or build the perfect home.

Guess what? There is no perfect home. Everyone finds something they would change about their home within 6 months of moving into it. No home is faultless and your wants and needs change after you move in and as the years go by.

It isn't unusual for a client to look at alot of properties over several months before make the big decision to buy a new home. In fact, it is usually a good idea to look at enough properties to get a feel for what you really want. But remember that if you are looking for a perfect home, you won't find it.

Take Mrs and Mrs. Client A for example. We looked at properties for several months before they decided that nothing really suited them and they would build their dream home. They started working with an architect and designing the house. That was 3 years ago. Guess where they live today?

In the same house that they don't like. That's right. They didn't want to 'settle' on something that wasn't ideal so they are still looking and waiting. So far no lot has been ideal or at the right price. And after investing a lot of time and money in building plans, they changed their minds about what they want.

Now they have decided to put the whole new construction idea on the back burner. They haven't done anything to their existing home to make it work for them over the past several years. Basically, they put their lives and their personal comfort on hold while they looked for perfection.

What a shame. Life is too short to chase perfection. Sometimes it is best to settle for an option that meets 90% of what you want, rather than hold out for the 10% of "extras" you covet. You may think your custom built home will be better - and it very well may be -but consider the amount of time you will spend while you put your life on hold pursuing perfection.

Be picky about your choice of a home, but don't be too picky. A good home you can enjoy today is better than a nice home you spend years and years waiting for.


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They haven't done anything to their current house to succeed for them over the last several decades.

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