Jan 12, 2012

Thieves still target Dallas Open Houses

I've told you about the risks of open houses before and about the thieves that like to 'work' them. This is just a reminder that they are still out there. The good ones are friendly, well dressed and know what they are doing. But they are slippery weasels and usually manage to escape getting caught by Dallas police.

 Last weekend, serial open house thief Steve Breed ( aka Max Holloway and other aliases) was at it again. He drives a black Ford Focus and typically targets North Dallas/Collin County area open houses. While he has been arrested for this before, he is still in the business of robbing homes but has lost weight since his last mug shot.

Also still working the metroplex is Stan/Dan Tucker. He moved to Oklahoma a couple of years ago where he took up robbing open houses up there but is now back in the metroplex and living in Ft. Worth. Apparently supports himself - or his habits - through what he picks up at open houses in that area.

If your home is for sale and it is open to the public, please ensure your agent takes the necessary precautions to keep your possessions safe and secure.   [where: 75230]


W. Home said...

Many people should become more aware of this - as it is them who are the victims in the end and that information about such thieves shall be given to everyone in case they get in touch with these kind of people,
they can report it as soon as possible.

This is something that not even Texas Real estate CE courses can teach people.

Anonymous said...

Stan/Dan/Sam Tucker (third picture down in grey shirt) was in Stillwater, OK May 28, 2013.

Anonymous said...

He struck again in Bixby Oklahoma on June 2nd , 2013. Didn't get anything but cased the home. We turned over his info to the authorities and newson6.com did a story on him

Erin said...

He is at it again here in Chandler, Ok December 7, 2013.