Dec 26, 2011

Recycling Dallas Christmas Trees

Isn't it great that you can recycle your live Christmas tree at Home Depot this year? Make sure all lights, ornaments, nails, etc are off. Locations around North Dallas are:

  • 11682 Forest Central ( Forest Ln, east of Central Expwy)
  • 6110 Lemmon Avenue (south of Mockingbird)
  • 6000 Skillman ( just north of Northwest Hwy)
  • 11468 Grissom Lane (south side of Forest, west of Webb Chapel)
If you don't want to haul it somewhere, then place it on the curb the weekend prior to your block's curbside bulk trash pick up. But that may be some time from now. The earliest dates in North Dallas will be between January 5th and 19th - depending on your block. Check the schedule here.
    Meanwhile, most needles from Christmas trees can be spread in flower beds to give them more acidity. Azaleas love it.  [where: 75230]

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