Nov 21, 2011

Who is moving to Texas?

Compared to the rest of the country, Texas real estate is the land of milk and honey. Folks just keep moving here and increasing the demand for housing. So where are these people coming from?
Over the past 4 years, the highest average percentage of people moving to Texas have come from:
  • California ( 13.6 % of all immigrants to Texas )
  • Louisiana ( 9.7 % )
  • Florida (7.4 %)
  • Oklahoma (4.7 %)
  • Illinois (3.8%)
  • Georgia (3.3%)
  • Arizona (3.2%)
  • Colorado (3.1%)
  • New York (3.0%)
One of the reasons for the high ranking from Louisiana was Hurricane Katrina. However, job opportunities continue to be the main reason most people come here.

And the really good news is that most of these newcomers are educated. More than 70 percent of the heads of household have either some college education or a college degree.

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Kelly said...

I am currently looking at Dallas Real Estate as my husband was just offered a job out there. We will be coming from Delaware, so we will not be in the majority of newcomers, but it is nice to see where others are coming from.