Nov 30, 2011

Top 8 impressions from Homebuyers today

Want to read the home buyer's mind? What are the top 8 things they think of when they enter a house for sale?

Here are some frank and honest accounts of what they think when they walk in the door and start considering your house -
  1. Wow, it's _______ in here. Insert: cold or hot, dark or light.
  2. It smells like ______ in here. Insert: dog, cat, animals, fish, cinnamon, vanilla, .... No leaving this blank because we can assure you it smells like something ( good or bad).
  3. If you don't want to fix it, we don't either. We want to buy a home to enjoy and rest in. We don't want to buy work.
  4. Anything that we see needing repairs sends up a red flag and makes us wonder what else is wrong with the house that we can't see.
  5. Don't insult us by calling something new when we think it is dated. We don't think a house remodeled prior to the year 2000 is 'updated'. That was 12 years ago. Same thing goes for a 'new' roof or hot water heater. If it is a year old, it isn't new any more.
  6. We know you think your home is special, but it really isn't. There are a lot of really great homes you're competing with. In your mind, your home is better, but it isn't in our eyes.
  7. Whatever the cost to update or repair your property is double in our minds. Like most buyers, we usually imagine the cost to replace an item to be more than it actually is. Plus we have to hassle with it. The price had better reflect that.
  8. Like everyone else, we're watching the bottom line. If you were priced right, your house would be under contract in 90 days or less. More than that amount of time on the market? You must be over priced. Hmmm, I wonder why they haven't lowered the price after 4 months? They probably aren't willing to negotiate on this overpriced house. Let's go to the next one.  
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