Oct 28, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Way back during the pre-Internet days of real estate, the yard signs was all important. A yard sign still carries some importance, but when it comes to selling a house today, it scores way behind on-line photos, staging, and internet marketing. However, these days there are so many sign options, that I could decorate your yard with enough miniature billboards to rival the most cluttered highways.
Would one of these signs would entice you to buy a house? While some are informative, a few are clever and a couple are down right stupid. For example -
I'm Gorgeous Inside - in other words, I'm ugly on the outside?
Honey, Stop the Car ... so you can tie up traffic, get people to honk and think you're crazy. [where: 75230]


Charles Breckenridge said...

'Miniature billboards' being the key phrase. Don't some signs exceed the size allowed by law?

Dave Velasco said...

Signs are mostly essential - but some are kind of non-sense for most people. Signs appear like a visual aid for people and residents, as well as a reminder - but for signs on homes saying "For Sales" and it stood there for a very long period of time, seriously real estate course grad agents will have a hard time making a profit out of it.