Oct 21, 2011

Most unusual Dallas bathroom

I'm in and out of dozens of homes every week and have seen plenty of strange or unusual bathrooms. But this one is really remarkable.
Yes, that's an aquarium surrounding the tub. This isn't a hotel or spa. It's actually the master bathroom in a private residence in Preston Hollow. The entire home is 13,000 square feet and it has been reduced to $9.95 million. I can almost hear the tunes from The Little Mermaid through the sound system.
[where: 75230]


Batangas City real estate said...

For me this is not just an unusual bathroom. Fabulous also is not enough to describe it. So beautiful. I love it. Now i am dreaming of taking a bath there. :)

Roni said...

Does anyone know where this home is? I'm casting a show for TLC about amazing homes in Dallas.