Oct 15, 2011

How Schools affect your home choice

Why should schools influence your home choice if you don't have school aged children? Resale value. Homes located in the best school districts often command a higher price.

So how do you find the best schools for your child if you are new to the area? Usually the best place to start your school search is to look at statistics like test scores, graduation rates, college testing scores and student-teacher ratios. This data can show the condition of a school or school district. Ask your informed friends, an educational consultant or me about schools in the area.

Next, visit schools and see how well they are run, the condition of the buildings, and how well equipped they are. Talk to school staff about exist or forseeable problems. Pay attention to class size, teacher workload and what enrichment courses are offered. Budget cuts and  demographic shifts can change the quality of schools.

Then decide for yourself.  Find what is best for your child. Some children need a small, quiet school while others flourish in a large, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Or your child may need the personal attention of a special school to help cope with special learning styles.

My own children have attended: Walnut Hill Elementary School, St. Alcuin Montessori School, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Ursuline Academy and St. Mark's School of Texas. As a former writer who covered education in Dallas, I am  familiar with most of the schools in the North Dallas area.

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