Sep 11, 2011

How to get buyers in to your Home

If you want someone to buy your house, you first have to get them inside. Most agents know that on-line photos are the first place buyers look. If you peak their interest with great photos, the next step is curb appeal.

Most buyers will narrow their search with a simple drive-by before they call about a property they are considering. And it isn't that unusual for an agent to drive up to a property they plan to show their buyer, but the buyer decides that they don't like it before going inside. When the weather is harsh, or they are tired, or pressed for time, ... we often hear comments like "I don't really like the exterior. Let's just skip this one." Then all the hard work you put in to get the house ready to show is wasted.

So spruce up the front of your property before putting it on the market. The best ways to enhance your curb appeal include trimming trees and bushes, adding mulch and flowers, power washing and washing windows before you consider more expensive updates like painting and adding new door hardware and outside fixtures. [where: 75230]


real estate mce said...

One thing that I could say with people and buying homes nowadays is that they take advantage with the accessibility of the internet. Instead of having to drive or travel to check out one location, they use the internet to see the neighborhood, the community etc. If you have a page then it will be one good way to bring people to your house.

Champ said...

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