Sep 23, 2011

Funny Friday

When you spend more than 40 hours a week looking at photos of homes, showing properties to prospective buyers, touring new listings, ... and just focusing on homes, you can start to find humor in ordinary places. For example:
This one looks like creepy ghost arms are going to grab this house.

And nothing says 'going through a divorce' like a half empty closet.
There must be a better way to show us that the back yard has trees.

Hit it Michael -
I'm looking at the man in the mirror ...

Come back next Friday where I'll bring you another glimpse of the funnier side of real estate. [where: 75230]

1 comment:

My Resource List said...

Gross. The houses seems to be not taken care of by it's owners. I'm pretty sure a lot of it needs repair too, right? Well, I hope that in the process of most real estate continuing course people can learn the value of taking care of their houses and how to choose a good one for themselves.