Sep 15, 2011

2011 Dallas Real Estate Sales Figures

Year to Date home sales are here from the North Texas Real Estate Information Services. And the news isn't bad at all given the long, hot summer we've had. Keep in mind that the time to close a sale has become about 30 to 45 days. So we have yet to see the figures for properties that have gone under contract as the summer winds down.

North Dallas (south of LBJ, between Midway & Central):
Number of Sales: 400 (up 3% from this time in 2010)
Average Sales Price: $798,583 (same as 2010)
Average Days on Market: 112 ( down from 2010)

Park Cities:
Number of Sales: 487 (up 4% from 2010)
Average Sales Price: $1,116,841 (up 1% )
Average Days on Market: 97 (down 17%)

Northeast Dallas (east of Central):
Number of Sales: 370 (up 11% from 2010)
Average Sales Price: $245,091 (down 7% )
Average Days on Market: 76 (up 27% )

Northwest Dallas (west of Midway):
Number of Sales: 329 (down 2% from 2010)
Average Sales Price: $220,201 (down 1% )
Average Days on Market: 89 (up 31% )

Far North Dallas (north of LBJ to Plano, Central to Marsh):
Number of Sales: 586 (up 2% from 2010)
Average Sales Price: $328,040 (down 1% )
Average Days on Market: 85 (up 10% )
[where: 75230]


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