Aug 1, 2011

Preston Hollow Billboards not allowed

The city of Dallas has some strict sign laws and the folks in Preston Hollow don't take a liking to billboards in their neighborhood. So along comes a custom home builder who puts up a model home/showroom on a busy corner that skirts Preston Hollow. The home is not for sale and is serving as a 'model show home' for potential clients to view this builder's product and take a look at some of their vendor's samples ( like flooring, cabinetry, etc.). Let's ignore that some people think it's a business operating in a residential neighborhood and look at the issue that is simmering.

The builder erects a large, permanent looking sign on this residential street. Word is that it has a few neighbors upset and they're circling the wagons on this street. My guess is the builder may not have a sign permit and may be violating the City of Dallas Sign Ordinance. I'd look for this decked out sign to disappear soon. [where: 75230]

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Anonymous said...

Many builders have begun to violate the sign ordinances with no reaction from City. This started before budget cutbacks, too.