Aug 6, 2011

New Preston Royal Italian Restaurant

The construction at the old Popolos location is to make way for a new Italian place. Should open this fall at the northwest corner of Preston and Royal. Yum! [where: 75230]

Update: Princi Italia is now open for dinner starting at 4:00 every day. Click here for the menu to this Italian restaurant that features handmade pastas and wood-fired pizzas.

Update 2: As of November, they are now open for lunch too!


makati condo said...

This Italian restaurant sounds interesting and incredible. I like it. I will refer this to my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Charles A

Dating and Relationship Tips said...

One of the usual things that my husband and I do together to make our relationship fun. Is going to great restaurants. :)

My husband and I arrived at this restaurant 8:15 on a Tuesday night. It appeared to be 75% full...busy, but a few open tables here and there. The hostess was very nice and accommodating, seating us near the back. My only complaint, which is a big one, is that our waiter looked like he wanted to be anywhere but working that night. I don't know if he was new or just having an off-night, but he was very robotic and not very personable. I looked around and observed the other tables, and the other waiters appeared to be doing a great job of interacting with their guests. But I guess we drew the short straw when it came to the wait staff.

Great Food Recipe said...

I have only had the gorgonzola/fig pizza, pepperoni pizza, and a sausage pasta dish. Atmosphere is cozy and the wait can be annoying. I will be back to try some more of the pasta dishes.

filipino girl said...

This place has a very clean and light decor. The staff is friendly and attentive. It would be great if the lights were a bit dimmer and if there were some light curtains to create smaller/private dining areas, but overall we enjoyed it.

filipino said...

In addition to that, I soooo Love the mussels, fig/blue cheese bruschetta, desserts. It was not extraordinary, but good. Will be back.