Aug 10, 2011

Dallas Heat Wave stifling Home Sales

People don't like to look at homes when it is too hot. Temperatures above 95 degrees just take the fun out of house hunting. And the high temps are hard on sellers as well. Keeping the lawn green, removing pets for showings, cooling the house,... are all more difficult. But these aren't the only reasons the current heat wave is slowing home sales.

Inspectors can't perform a full and adequate home inspection when the temperature outside is 108 degrees. Walking on a roof in the afternoon heat is dangerous and can damage the roof. The attic is beyond uncomfortable as well. And testing several of the home systems - like heat/ac, some plumbing - is questionable because of outside temperatures. Just like a hard freeze in the winter can put a halt to inspections, the excessive heat is stifling them as well.

The excellent inspectors I work with are only doing inspections in the mornings, which is requiring a longer wait to get an inspection. A delay in getting inspections can cause other delays in the sale of a property. My last home inspection for a buyer was this past Sunday morning - because we had to get it done. Once the heat lifts, maybe we'll be able to get back to a normal market. Oh wait, there isn't a 'normal market' any more. Well at least I can get back to selling homes in a timely manner. [where: 75230]

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