Jul 19, 2011

Concrete Porch Improvement

One of the best ways to dress up a boring gray concrete patio or porch is with acid stain. Instead of covering up the dull gray with deck tiles or an outdoor rug, why not give the cement itself a makeover with several cool options.

If you hire professionals, they can create all sorts of designs for a memorable patio, walkway, or even driveway. Choose one that reflects the style of your home or go with a simple improvement. Unlike painting, the acid stains are designed to chemically bond to concrete and cement based surfaces so they won't peel, fade or flake. While the stain is permanent, you can seal it for a deeper color and for ease of maintenance.

Go with a nice earth tone color for a rich look. The high end appearance should look naturally variegated. If the area is unshaded, just remember how hot a dark surface is on bare feet in Texas.

What a great way to decorate the surface of a concrete slab.


arrielle_p said...

Beautiful photos! I have my new home and now I know exactly how I'd decorate it, and I would have to put a floors like yours.

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