Jun 12, 2011

Run On over to Preston Forest

Run On, my favorite footwear store, has opened at the Northwest corner of Preston and Forest. What a great location for the number one shoe store for many of the folks who work out at nearby Cooper Aerobic Center.

Do you remember what was previously in this location? The obsolete Mapsco store. With online mapping systems and a GPS in the car, who needs a Mapsco any more? It's a sign of the times, and Mapsco has gone the way of buggy whips and 8 track tape players.

The one entity that still uses Mapso is our MLS. Surprisingly, agents are still required to provide the Mapso coordinates on their listings of homes for sale. Personally, I don't use them and I don't know any other agents or buyers who research properties using these old coordinates. The running shoes will come in a lot more handy. [where: 75230]

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