Jun 15, 2011

Exactly where is Preston Hollow?

Ask 5 people in North Dallas and you'll get 5 different answers. Even many Realtors don't seem to know.

Unlike the Park Cities or even neighborhoods like Devonshire or Pagewood, today's Preston Hollow doesn't have clearly defined boundaries. In fact, it's easier to say what it isn't than what it is.

Preston Hollow is not north of Royal Lane despite what someone selling a house near Forest and Hillcrest may claim. If the house is in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, it isn't in Preston Hollow.

 Preston Hollow does not stretch west past Harry Hines Blvd even if a map on zillow.com shows it to be. And Preston Hollow does not go east to Central Expressway although the marketing updates in the Dallas Morning News include it as Preston Hollow. I cringe every time I see the blockshopper.com statistics for Preston Hollow cited because I know they are completely inaccurate because they include areas that are not Preston Hollow.

Preston Hollow does include parts of 4 zip codes: 75220, 75225, 75229 and 75230. If a property isn't in one of those zip codes, it isn't Preston Hollow. The problem is that those zip codes also extend outside of Preston Hollow. I guess it would be too difficult for the folks running sales statistics to simply contain the area with a map. Somewhat easier would be to include only properties in the MLS area 11. If the search were confined to those 4 zip codes and MLS area 11, about 75% of the properties would actually be in Preston Hollow. .

Originally, Preston Hollow included areas south of Northwest Highway. Those areas are now in University Park, Devonshire or Bluffview. Preston Hollow is now bordered by Northwest Highway on the south. On the west, some of Preston Hollow stretches all the way to Midway Road. And most locals agree that Hillcrest Road is the eastern most boundary. Royal Lane is the northern cut off.

So the next time you see the "Market Watch" report in the newspaper showing foreclosure rates and median sales prices in Preston Hollow, remember that they are likely looking at all of North Dallas and Northwest Dallas - not Preston Hollow.  [where: 75230]

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