May 22, 2011

Top 10 Ways to make Buyers hate your Property

Trying to sell your house? Then you need advice from one of Dallas' top stagers - Stuart Lee. I absolutely love and admire his talent for taking what you already have to make your house more appealing to the majority of buyers. The guy is truly fantastic.

Most homes that go on the market can benefit from these 4 suggestions: Lighten, clean, declutter and landscape.

Once you've done those, please read his list of the Top 10 ways to ensure buyers hate your property. If any of the feedback you get from showings includes one of these items, you can bet it is having a negative effect on every potential buyer.
  1. Overpowering odors
  2. Dogs at the door
  3. Dirty bathrooms
  4. Dim rooms
  5. Dead bugs
  6. Poor curb appeal
  7. Growing gutters / gutters with debris
  8. Sellers inside / sellers present at the showing
  9. Full of wallpaper ( more than one room of wallpaper)
  10. Foggy windows / dirty windows
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