May 6, 2011

Should You Get a Hometender for a Vacant House?

A nicely decorated and furnished home will sell faster than a vacant one - and often for a better price. That's why so many people look to a hometender to temporarily occupy a vacant home. I mean, if you're selling a home, which of these rooms would you rather market to buyers?

How about if it didn't cost you anything? And what if someone else was paying the utilities and yard care costs?

That's the beauty of hometending. Companies like Castle Keepers provide a responsible occupant to maintain and care for a home while it is on the market. They ensure the hometender's furnishings will compliment the house and they run background checks on their tenders.

Typically, hometenders are free to the person selling the home. The tenders are usually responsible for utilities, yard care and pool maintenance. The house is kept clean, the decor is appealing, and the temperature and smell are usually much better than a house sitting empty. Owners also like knowing that the systems (air conditioning, water heaters, etc) are kept working, that the property is less likely to be vandalized, and that the landscape and curb appeal are maintained.

The advantage to the hometender is the discount in housing cost. However, they must keep the house immaculately clean and have it available for showings with very little notice. Unlike renters, they must cooperate with agents, open houses and showing requests. And they must be willing to move out quickly when the property sells.

Companies like Castle Keepers make a home more marketable - which always gets my vote. If you were voting with your pocketbook, which of these rooms would win? The hot, vacant room scattered with dead bugs or the clean, lighted and furnished room?
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