Apr 20, 2011

Preston Hollow Crime Alert

There as been a recent increase in crime activity in Preston Hollow in the mid afternoons. One suspect seems to be striking around 3:00 - when mom is out picking up the kids, people are at work, etc. Often they are either watching the houses or they ring the doorbells pretending to be selling something or looking for someone.

Most break-ins occur during the day in our neighborhood. Perhaps it's because there are so many delivery people and yard crews that the criminals can kind of blend in with the activity. When I'm pulling away from my house and there are strangers nearby (work crews, delivery trucks, etc), I wave back at the house as if someone is there. May seem a little crazy, but I haven't been robbed :)

Also of note is a recent theft of freon from a neighbor's outside AC unit. Apparently kids huff this to get high and freon can be taken from a unit and uploaded into a different unit. Therefore, it has street value. I don't know if you can really deter this kind of theft, but it might help to keep a look out for it.


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